Aquarium Maintenance and Supplies

Your new fish will require a home. Beyond just the aquarium, you should give consideration for the environmental requirements of your new pet. Does it need to be warm or cool? If it needs to be warm, you'll probably need to get a heater to keep the tank warm. The fish will definitely need a filter to keep the water from becoming toxic between weekly water changes.

What other equipment will your fish need? Though the maintenance and care required for an adequate sized fish tank is not as high as for a dog or a parrot, it is still a commitment you are making, and will be necessary to provide safe and healthy accommodations for this new member of your family or household.  

Alabama Pet Foods will help you maintain your fish aquarium in order to ensure a healthy environment for your pets.

Benefits: Tests Nitrate levels from 0 to 160 ppm Easy, & accurate For use in both fresh an...